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Are you ready to own the stage?

Angela can teach you presentation and communication skills to transform your public speaking. It's time to own your stage, be that in front of 5 people in a zoom room or a 200 person audience. 

The stage is yours if you're brave enough to let it be. 

Angela Peters coaches

Learn all the tips and tricks to becoming a more confident public speaker. Command the room with ease. Feel more positive and in control regardless of whether you are in front of a roomful of colleagues or strangers.


Everyone has the ability to share their unique story, feel confident pitching their business, deliver an excellent prepared speech, or just nail their elevator pitch. Sometimes it's as simple as working out if your pitch or pace is off. At other times it's about finding the unique tools that give you an edge when you're in front of an audience. Using Angela's method of encompassing the five P's - Pitch, Pause, Pace, Power and Personality - you too can feel in control of your own public speaking.


Having been a presenter herself on Channel 7 (Australia's Seven Network) for a season, as well as years of public speaking to industry audiences of between 40 - 100, speaking in front of schools, presenting various workshops and even creating online presenting courses, Angela is confident she can help transform your communication. Angela works with clients one-to-one as well as in groups or within organisations. She also mentors actors and filmmakers in all aspects of their business and mindset. 


Transform the way you do business and relate to others through your communication and public speaking. After all, communication does account for almost everything you do every day, so it pays to be pretty great at it. 

Angela Peters presenting at Tweetfest

The session with Angela was very useful, especially when thinking critically about words for my elevator pitch, thank you!”

 Group coaching session guest

It was wonderful to work with Angela on my presentation and getting insights on my speech and how I present on stage in front of hundreds of people. I found her style professional, yet relaxed. Angela is great at helping people find their unique voice, while at the same time sharing practical tips that can be adopted to feel even more confident in public speaking in any scenario.  

Anna, company founder

Anna, Business owner

Such is the influence that Angela Peters will have on you - she is an inspiring and motivating woman that radiates positivity. Angela helped me believe in myself and taught me that I can aspire to great things – things bigger than my body represents. Angela has a gift to be able to teach, coach, guide and lead… as well as a genuine love of helping people.

Melinda Lee Harvey

Clapping Audience





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